Address your water quality concerns with under sink water filter

Under sink water filter systems have started to show up on the shelves of every major appliance store across Australia. Over time Australians have become alert to the contaminants that are found in water. This interest in cleaner water has propelled people to install hi flow water filter systems in their homes. Under sink water filter can be easily tucked away under your sink that saves your counter space.  It successfully removes pollutants and reduces chemicals such as mercury, chlorine, harmful pesticides etc. Best part about these filters is that they provide you with clean and safe drinking water that is literally “on tap”. Now you can get clearer, cleaner, better tasting water on demand straight from your tap.


Considerations for best water filtration systems

Effectiveness in Filtration

The best under sink water filter system is one that removes hazardous chemicals, impurities and parasites while maintain the highest possible flow rate.

Ease of Maintenance

Most under sink water filters don’t need complex maintenance for their proper functioning. They last for years and provide chemical free drinking water without cluttering up the countertop.

Cost efficiency

Under sink water filters produce quality water at a fraction of the cost of packaged water. Premium water filter systems are not always cheap since they do not leak or clog after installation. Even then they are found in demand as they undoubtedly provide cheap source of water than bottled water.


Many under sink water filters have a dedicated faucet. These filter systems come in chrome or stainless steel, but some filters offer alternative finishes. Other vital features include shut-off valves and filter replacement alerts.

Under sink water filtration systems use various methods to purify water such as carbon filters, distillation systems and reverse osmosis. Carbon filters ensure that your water has all essential minerals your body needs. Carbon filtration process recharges water with ion exchange and removes toxic chemicals. So, get yourself under sink water filter today and do yourself a huge favour.

Must keep in mind points before buying under sink water purifier

  • Make sure that the purifier you are opting removes hazardous impurities like cysts, chlorine, lead, THMs, VOCs, MTBE and benzene.
  • Quality under sink water filters do not drain the essential minerals since these have distinct health benefits.
  • You should buy a premium quality under sink water purifier, the better the quality is the best would be the output.

In short, based on its advantages like ease of installation and maintenance, price and features, it is recommended for many domestic settings.


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