Drink clean even when you are on the road – FSA Water Filter

With all the changes we are witnessing in this age, we are facing a few problems which may be very basic in nature but can still cause some serious trouble if not resolved. This generation is giving birth to a lot of new professions and lifestyles which were a little uncommon before. These lifestyles may include a lot of travelling and movement.

One may need to live out of their comfort zones and even away from the mere basics of life, like clean potable water. Recent environmental hazards have made drinking tap water without the fear of epidemic, quite an impossibility. That is where portable water filter systems come into perspective. Yes! you read it correct. Make your water clean and potable even when you are on the go.

portable water filter

Why do you need it?

The significant amounts of contamination in our drinking water and our behavior with the nature in past few decades have raised some serious questions all around. A few reasons why your water needs to be treated:

Presence of volatile organic chemicals: Things like pesticides are heavily present in municipal water and in wells as well. Maybe the tap or the well near your remote job location which seems fit for drinking is not that fit.

Heavy Metals: Studies have shown that heavy elements like mercury are found in some water sources and can lead to many health problems.

Fluoride: This is one of the most controversial of the contaminations present in water as it is said that it is deliberately added into the water bodies. There is a much heated debate going on regarding its hazards and benefits but even if there are any benefits of fluorides they are not apparent yet but hazards are.

WHO needs them?

Anyone who stays on the road and spends a sizeable amount of time away from the basic amenities needs portable water filter system. Hikers, Bag packers, Travel bloggers, Researchers, wild life enthusiasts and photographers, mountaineers, people camping and living in caravans, the list is endless but the solution is one.


Whosoever they may be and wherever they are, they need safe potable water and portable water filter system can provide that anytime and anywhere. We may not be able to make everything safe around us no matter how much we want, but there are a few things which we can change for good, good for us and for others as well.


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